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. KISS MY BAG it,s a new concept for tote bags. you can design your own one using a simple grid printed on it!! ¨ ¨ . the KISS MY BAG pack includes one tote bag, one textile pen, different models and templates and instructions. . You can choose whatever technique: textile pens, textile paints, sewing, adding objects: everything goes ¨ ¨ . take inspiration from inside of you or your surrounding and search for a nice design. the most simple might be the most effective !! ¨ ¨ . KISS MY BAG comes in a plastic wrapper that ensures its contents. it will be sent wherever you want, carefully prepared to receive it in the most optimal conditions ¨ ¨ . soon, one app will be avaliable for enjoy your KISS MY BAG wherever you want. . is perfect for a gift of high quality design!! ¨ ¨ . KISS MY BAG. design your tote bag. make it special ¨ ¨

Additional Information

Replacement: 14 day

Returns: Yes - within 14 days of purchase

. delivery timing depending on destination. For Spain 1/2 days.

For Europe 3/4 days. Rest of destinations, depending on post company, but allways as soon as possible ¨ ¨



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Boris serten Valo 22/08/2013 09:50

Nice :-D

MR. CÄRTÖN studio 30/06/2013 20:22

. thanks, grey ¨ ¨

Ondrej Grey Chudy 26/06/2013 15:20

Awesome! :)

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