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Aerarium for orchids

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This round aerarium with central hanging system has 15cm in diametr and is designed specially for growing orchids. Orchids need sunlight and moister for their roots so a glass pot is just perfect for their growing. Their natural enviroment are tree crowns so hanging them in the air is exactly what they will love. Aerarium is handmade from simax glass in the Czech Republic. In interior conditions it is appropriate to water the plant once a week with sprayer, so all the substrate get wet inside the aerarium. Use destilled water in a sprayer so the glass won't be covered with waterstone stains and orchids also prefere rainwater or destilled water. Use only high quality substrate for planting orchids that has got bigger pieces of pine bark and add some spagnum as well. Good substrate, lots of light and enough humidity provides best conditions for growing orchids.
You can also use this aerarium of other purposes, for exaple as a hanging vase for fresh flowers, tillandsias or just put inside some minerals or different produts of nature such as cones, shells, leaves, moss and create your own micro world decoration in glass.
A care sheet and natural twine is included, orchid is not included as it is impossible to send it by post.

Additional Information

Replacement: 14 day

Returns: Yes - within 14 days of purchase

I send packages trough GLS, that deliver next day from pickup in CZ, it is important to include your cell number!
If you want me to wrap it as a present, just write me, i will do my best!



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