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Feather Necklace

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Bring your flight of fancy to light with our little gems. Uniqueness is hard to get, but we can turn any fantasy into a real story. Find your inner artist, we will do the rest. Every single feather has its message, hidden in its colour. To inspire you, we drawed up a list of meaning for each of them. Yet, it is just a direction, not an ultimatum. The best guide is your intuition.

White representing Moon energy, the outer colour. While it is considered to be shamanic, white give an instant pure feeling.

..stimulates the power of life and represents vitality, energy and strength. A little red feather has also strong sexual feeling.

…the symbol of eternal water and sky gives the feeling of happiness and peace of mind. At the same time, it stimulates perceptiveness and sharp-wittedness.

Despite its negative connotations, it stands for wishdom and natural brightness. It is associated with majesty and noble characteristics.

…the epitome of the Sun and happiness, this bright colour fuels up energy and productivity.

Representative sign for money, health and New Life.

The connecting piece in between the Sky and Earth. In short, it sends you all the wisdom you might need.

No wonder, the colour of love opens up your heart for emotional experience. Feel it!

A personification of neutrality and peace. It is a mixture of black Earth and white Spirit, that bears fruits in form of healing qualities.

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