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Jewelry box Vltava - dark oak

Fain Wood

Czech Republic

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Jewelry hidden under the surface Under the cover of jewelry box you will find two separate boxes for keeping your treasures. The first box has been inspired by flow of Vltava river with wild meanders. The bottom box of jewelry box is introducing bottom flow of Vltava river which is calmer and deeper. A word of designers - HIPPOSDESIGN We have taken a piece of Vltava meander, added a whit of summer south bohemian countryside fragrance, inserted it into an oak box produced from local wood and mixed it thoroughly. We were very careful not to connect anything violently, everything is free, at the same time functional. Levitating jewelry box The cover from jewelry box is not hiding whole bottom box. It makes an impression that the jewelry box is levitating. Bevelled edges While opening the jewelry box thanks to its bevelled edges you will see the mirror right against yourself. Perfect in every single detail Fain team gave the most effort to every single jewelry box. Result is a precise elaboration in every single detail. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Replacement: 14 day
Weight: 2 kilograms
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 113 mm

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Replacement: 14 day

Returns: Yes - within 14 days of purchase

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