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How to buy?

In view of this, we would like to introduce you a drafted outline of the purchasing process so that you truly enjoy your shopping!

  1. First, we advise you to register so that with your first purchase you immediately start collecting bonus points and directly enjoy additional benefits.
  2. Every day, you can browse the expanding offer of unique design pieces. Since these are mostly in limited quantities, you better rush and explore the individual product details
  3. Click on the red button “BUY”
  4. Check the quantity and continue with the purchase of other products that caught your eye, or match your selected piece with some of the products that are displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart page.
  5. Once you have everything you like in the shopping cart, click on the "ORDER" button. Each designer will personally ship the products from their address, so unfortunately you cannot order products from multiple designers in one package and pay just one postage.
  6. In our design cart fill out:* Required information – unless you are already registered in our exclusive community. This would save you time from typing in all the details. Remember to fill out the entry * Phone number for easier communication with the delivery companies.
  7. Select a payment method that suits you best. When paying by card online, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  8. Enter the discount code you got from us individually or copy it from your wallet.
  9. Check the final price including the shipping.
  10. Check both consenting checkboxes.
  11. Enjoy the moment you click “SUBMIT ORDER” - that moment ignites your true joy of a new design piece!
  12. Congratulations! You have style and you promote creative work!
  13. Look forward to other new products and news from us!
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