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Anna Marešová Czech Republic

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Video Presentation

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Awards & Achievements

  • The National Technical Museum Award (2009 )

  • National student design Award (2009 )

    Excellent student design

  • Biennale of industrial design BIO 22 (2010 )

    First price - Student award


    Exit design award

  • National student design Award - CZE (2011 )

    First price

Art Focus

  • Art direction
  • Industrial design
  • Product design


Limited Red edion on sale from


FOX gallery, Prague 1, Kremencova 6

Launch of the product


Prague, Czech Republic

New G(o)ods


Prague, Czech Republic

Designer and founder of focuses on erotic aids created especially for women and girls. Their uniqueness lies in the combination of quality material and simple anatomic shape with an ingenious internal mechanism. The sophisticated mechanism is concealed beneath a compact layer of soft silicon. Thanks to this silicone layer, the erotic and massage aids made by are waterproof and importantly 100% hygienic.

Anna Maresova studied Product Design at the Faculty of Art and Design at the University in Usti nad Labem and the University of Derby, bachelor studies.

She was awarded by National Technical Museum and she has got the price of Excellent Student Design student and the main prize at the Biennale in Ljubljana BIO 22nd for her project Tram for Prague TFP1. Her major project "she sex toys „named Whoop-de-doo gained a lot of attention by the media. Whoop-de-doo was awarded by the National Award for Student Design 2011 and Exit design 2011. She was twice nominated in the contest Czech Grand Design. Last year she has got second place at Discovery of the Year 2011.

At the present She dedicates to the issues of the sustainable design. She designs solitaire products and works for the Swiss medical company. She founded own studio Anna Maresova designers s.r.o. There she works with her collegue Sergej Kuckir. She has exhibited in Prague, London or New York.

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