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Designer photo | Eva Klabalova (Eva Klabalová)

Eva Klabalová

Eva Klabalova Czech Republic

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My name is Eva Klabalová. I started to study Shoe Design ten years ago and this field has became my true passion. I find inspiration in everyday life, just look around. I love to travel, learn about different cultures and meet new people who greatly influenced me to go forward. Design itself is for me the way how to get over disappointment, failure, or a way to enjoy my happiness. It's my expression of emotion- design comes from feeling. I love new challenges and opportunities and I am always ready to grab them and not to let them go.

I have experince from Czech Republic- University of Tomas Bata, Poland- Academy of art in Lodz, Turkey-Mimar Sinan Academy, Latvia where I was working in studio of Elina Dobele and from Israel where I studied and also worked like an assistant of Eliora Ginsburg-head of Shoe design at Bezalel Academy.

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