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Screw Mug

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Made especially for the beach.
by turning the mug just like a screw, the device can be secured into the sand. a practical solution for sandy and windy conditions at the beach, when dug into the ground the cup has two advantages: liquid isn’t spilt over the side and the drink is kept cool even on hot summer days. made from stoneware, the quirky piece solves that ever-annoying dilemma of warm liquid just when you need to be rehydrated the most.

Year: 2013
Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: 74mm X 127mm

①Twist the mug into the ground
②Pour your becerage of choice
③Simply lift for drinking
④And set it down when you are done

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  • Ceramics


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Minji MJ Jung 11/11/2013 00:55

Thaks! SHAY

shay shayuc castel 09/11/2013 18:10

Hi Minji, i saw your cup at the DHUB, great project!

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