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U-Lock Holster

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  • Available in United States.
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  • Available in: Australia & Oceania 26, Africa 57, South America 14, North America 37, Asia 51, Europe 47
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  • Tan: 25 pcs
  • Brown: 25 pcs
  • Black: 25 pcs
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About product

The U-Lock Holster is the solution to every cyclist’s biggest biking problem: How do you carry a bike lock? Tucked away behind your saddle, of course! This leather accessory allows your lock to securely hang behind you. It’s out of the way, quite and you don?t have to bend over every time you want to get it. If you’d prefer, it can also attach to a front basket or a rear pannier rack. A simple tool which makes the cycling lifestyle a whole lot easier.




Additional Information

Replacement: NO

Returns: Yes - within 14 days of purchase

Estimated expedition in: 1-2 days

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Jesse oopsmark Herbert 22/08/2013 19:21

It's one of my only products

22/08/2013 17:59

Whats about the bottle holster? Does it come along? If not where to find?

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